A nonconformist.
A dissenter.
A rebel.
A humanist.
An optimist...

A nonconformist. A dissenter.
A rebel. A humanist.
An optimist...

ILAN PAPPE on GAZA in Context: Past, Present & Future —Free Attendance!

Al Nadwa Freethinking Society, in collaboration with JVP - Detroit, PYM andPeace Action of Michigan proudly invite you to a presentation by Dr. Ilan Pappé. The conversation will be moderated by Dr. May Seikaly, and cover the current state of occupied Palestine during this pivotal moment in history. The event will include a Q & A segment with the audience.
Monday, May 13 • 6:30-9 pm Q&A at 8 pm
Dearborn, MI


... A freethinker is one, and all, of these at once.
A freethinker is a person who refuses to accept attitudes and opinions at face value, but chooses instead to promote and celebrate our human capacity for limitless levels of innovation, curiosity, and creativity. At least that’s how we, at Al Nadwa FTS, see it.

Al Nadwa exists to promote and celebrate this human capacity found in all of us. A capacity that has often been restricted in our Arab American communities here in the United States, and so we exist to question and critique, evaluate and recalibrate, and become a refuge for anyone drawn to forming new ways of thinking and teaching that are based on logic, reason, and creativity; free of rigid systems of belief and authoritarian mindsets.


We are students and teachers, engineers and pharmacists, poets and painters and truck drivers and singers. We are medical doctors and university lecturers. We are designers and psychologists and physical therapists.

We are Lebanese and Yemini and Syrian and Palestinian. We are Iraqi and Jordanian. We are Arab speaking or we are not. We were born in America or we just got here last month. We are Arab and we are American. We are a diverse group of people of all ages, sexual preferences, and political and religious backgrounds. We are Al Nadwa FTS.

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At Al Nadwa FTS, we are rooted in justice and committed to upholding a space that is free of racism, transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, ableism, misogyny, classism or other biases. We take these values very seriously and it is our expectation that all our supporters, members, and contributors honor these ethics and values too.

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We aim to set up events, talks, lectures and interactive discussions where experts in various fields of science and the arts are invited to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire.

Day 5


To build and uphold a more freethinking mindset among our Arab-American communities where we promote and celebrate creativity, diversity, critical thinking, scientific reasoning and the arts. A community that is not afraid to ask the hardest questions and is not derailed by common ideas of self-censorship and taboos.  

Day 6


Al Nadwa FTS aims to provide a safe haven for the respectful and free exchange of ideas among people who care about science, the arts, culture, critical thinking, and innovation in ways that not only inform and entertain, but educate as well as inspire the advancement of our communities within the bigger context of the country we inhabit and the world at large.

Day 10


Everyone is truly welcome. We really mean it and genuinely encourage it. But as we are founded by an Arab American group of individuals who live and work in the US, we explore and perceive the world through a more discerning lens that is not limited to the United States but also encompasses our micro-identities, struggles, and needs within the larger framework of where we exist.

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Everyone is truly welcome.
We really mean it and genuinely encourage it. Team
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