Today We Stand For Free Thinking by Wissam Charafeddine

December 14, 2020
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Adam Lee once said: “Not only is there nothing to be gained by believing an untruth, but there is everything to lose when we sacrifice the indispensable tool of reason on the altar of superstition.”

Free Thinking is all about freedom in searching for truth, and a better life.

It is freedom from all negative and illusive thoughts acquired from society or by inheritance, that stands against our progress.

It is freedom to cherish the beautiful and wise from our heritage and culture and reject that which is harmful or sublime.

For Freethinkers, for a notion to be considered true, it must be testable, verifiable, and logical.  Freethinkers reject conformity for the sake of conformity. Freethinkers stand in defiance to the power of the mass belief to indoctrinate faith rather than solicit the mind through reason.

The struggle between logic, reason, and empiricism against authority, tradition, and dogma is as old as humanity itself.  Throughout history, “forming your own ideas and opinions rather than accepting those of other people without sufficient evidence” was not a popular idea in totalitarian societies.  You can not subjugate humanity to slavery,inequality, and oppression of minorities & women if you allow free thinking.

AlNadwa is formed to embrace and promote free thinking in our communities.  Its vision is building a freethinking community that promotes creativity, critical thinking, culture, and arts, embraces science and reason, and celebrates diversity.  We believe in the Separation between Religion and State, and defend the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.

So today,

We stand with reason, with progress,

For all the libraries and books that were burnt,

For all the scientists, writers, and artists of the world, and especially of the Arab World that were threatened, isolated, excommunicated, imprisoned, tortured, or killed because of their free-thinking or free expression,

For Ibn Seena, Ibn Rushd, Abu Alalaa Alma’ary,

For Yakoub bin Isshak Alkindy, Nusair Aldeen Altousi, Jaber bin Hayan, Abdullah bin Almukafa’ who was crucified and grilled in front of people for his thoughts,

For every religious or secular thinker who was persecuted because of his or her  free-thought,

For Farag Foda and Mahdi Amel

For Ali Alwardy and Ali Shariati

For Najeeb Mahfooz, the only arab who won a nobel prize for literature ever, who was stabbed in the neck for blasphemy.

For Fadwa Tuqan, Manal Al Sharif, Loujain Al-Hathoul, Nawal Alsaadawi, and Yasman Aryani

For all the prisoners of conscience every where,

For all those deprived from the basic right of self determination and all those suffering under apartheid and enduring humanitarian crises.

For the symbol of endurance and resistance in the world, Palestine.

For them, and for the future of our children and the future of the world, that is swarmed with challenges of dogma denying science, and greed denying equality, and tribalism denying unity,

..we present you with the Free Thinking Society to continue carrying the torch of freethinking and the freedom of the mind and the freedom of human expression forward …

Thank you for your support! Please join us